Healthy Public Policy

Healthy public policy aims to create supportive environments to enable people to lead healthy lives by putting health on the policy agenda in all sectors and at all levels. The concept of building healthy public policy was introduced in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion in 1986.

Recognizing that health is determined by more than health services alone, healthy public policy shifts attention to a much wider range of economic, social, environmental and political forces. Less about efforts to modify behaviors on an individual level, public health advocacy focuses on social and environmental change.  Advocacy for healthy public policies is one of the core competencies of public health practitioners in Canada.


Sarah Prowse, Healthy Public Policy Specialist,

Major Initiatives

Healthy Public Policy is an approach that is used across many key service areas. The Population and Public Health program is developing and implementing a healthy public policy strategy. This approach aims to support effective policy action that reduces health inequities  and improves health in the Winnipeg Health Region.

Logic Model

Healthy Public Policy Logic Model


Healthy Public Policy - Program Monitoring Report, 2015

Staff Resources

Healthy Public Policy Toolkit Documents

Understanding & Engaging in Healthy Public Policy: Describes healthy public policy, Population & Public Health steps and roles in engaging in healthy public policy.

Advocacy : Describes advocacy for healthy public policy and is a guide for WRHA Population and Public Health Program teams to engage in advocacy.

How To Documents

Development of Regional Position Statements: Details on position statements and describes the process for developing regional position statements.

Healthy Public Policy Issues Process:  Describes a process for communication about public policy issues, and the process for policy referrals for consultation, triage and recommended next steps.  See related documents below 


National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy

Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada