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June 2014 Diagnostic Tests/Referrals
July 2013 Pressure Ulcers
June 2013 Oxygen Tubing
1207-05 Inpatient Suicide
1207-04 Choking episode in a personal care home
1207-03 Interfacility Transport
1207-02 Monitoring Continuous Oxygen in Long Term Care
1207-01 Suicide in Personal Care Home
1204-03 Orthopedic Prosthesis
1204-02 IUD Insertion
1204-01 Parenteral Drug Overdose
1201-04 Challenges in caring for mental health patients with underlying medical conditions
1201-03 Surgery on Incorrect Limb
1201-02 Narcotic Administration in the ED
1201-01 A Fall in Acute Care
1110-04 Intrauterine fetal death following placental abruption
1110-03 Suicide While On Pass
1110-02 Prosthesis Allergy
1110-01 Postoperative Pulmonary Embolus
1002-06 Elderly resident with a pressure ulcer receives care in several facilities.
1002-05 Cardiac patient collapses while undergoing a stress test.
1002-04 Personal care home resident experiences obstructed airway while eating toast.
1002-03 Wrong site x-rayed following misinterpretation of requisition.
1002-02 Confusion over surgical specimen pick-up.
1002-01 Patient with bacterial meningitis leaves an Emergency Department without being seen.
0908-008 Delay in treatment for severe congestive heart failure.
0908-007 Elevated serum magnesium in a premature infant receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition.
0908-006 Two patients with dementia circumvent alarm systems.
0908-005 Delay in diagnosis of ischemic bowel.
0908-004 Delay in diagnosis of a sports-related injury complication.
0908-003 Personal Care Home resident sustained a spinal fracture.
0908-002 Delay in instituting appropriate antibiotic treatment.
0908-001 Delay in instituting surgical care for fractured hip.
0903-06 Personal care home resident with intermittent urinary retention admitted to hospital for severe bladder infection
0903-05 Personal care home resident sustained hip fracture
0903-04 Elderly patient on psychotropic medications relocated to a different room and sustained a hip fracture
0903-03 Elderly patient with new hip pain found to have surgical instrument left in abdomen from previous surgery
0903-02 Ambiguity in assessment and resuscitation roles
0903-01 Community-acquired MRSA undiagnosed
0807-013 Patient death due to sepsis arising from deep sacral ulcer that developed following treatment for hip fracture.
0807-012 Resident given multiple medications intended for another resident required hospitalization for treatment of apneic spells and decreased level of consciousness.
0807-011 Confusion about dose of trans-dermal Fentanyl led to admission of an elderly patient for treatment of delirium secondary to acute opioid withdrawal.
0807-010 Medication errors during treatment of severe respiratory distress in an infant.
0807-09 Incomplete medication reconciliation (MedRec) results in double dose of blood pressure medications with hypotension and death.
0807-08 Recurrent respiratory depression related to narcotic analgesia.
0807-07 Multiple consultants and incomplete information sharing led to delayed recognition of esophageal perforation after fine needle biopsy of mediastinal nodes.
0807-06 Communication challenges complicated the management of pre-term labour with eventual neonatal death after 11 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
0807-05 Incomplete communication of bleeding encountered during knee arthroplasty contributes in part to the delayed recognition of ischemic limb.
0807-04 Unclear communication and protocols led to death from a sudden aortic rupture in an adult patient involved in multi-vehicle collision.
0807-03 Delayed diagnosis of an unusual vascular complication of varicella in a child.
0807-02 Delayed diagnosis of disseminated Tuberculosis in a homeless person.
0807-01 Inadvertent insertion of an IV line into a premature infant’s artery results in peripheral ischemic damage to distal arm and hand.
0805-010 A fall with fracture in an elderly patient assisted to the commode by untrained staff.
0805-09 Equipment placement and design contribute to wrist injury during a specialized diagnostic test.
0805-08 Emergency repairs to a motorized wheelchair while the client was in the chair led to a fracture requiring a below the knee cast
0805-07 Completed suicide in patient with multiple medical problems and significant pain control issues, after discharge from acute care facility.
0805-06 Completed suicide prior to integration into community mental health services after discharge from acute care facility.
0805-05 Completed suicide during an overnight, unaccompanied, pass two weeks after admission to Psychiatry.
0805-04 Abbreviated medication order transcription led to administration of 200 mgm of Hydrochlorothiazide instead of Hydroxychloroquine and the need for Intensive Care Unit admission.
0805-03 A bolus of ten times the prescribed dose of Fentanyl via a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump leads to respiratory arrest.
0805-02 Ten times the prescribed quantity of a vaccination administered to an infant.
0805-01 Administration of high dose Gentamycin according to low dose protocol leads to oliguria and Intensive Care Unit support.
0803-012 Inconsistent documentation (three separate records) with regards to a resident’s mobility functioning and requirements led to a fall with head injury and subsequent death.
0803-011 Delayed diagnosis of leg fracture after unwitnessed fall in cognitively impaired resident resulting in death several days later.
0803-010 A delayed diagnosis of a shoulder dislocation following an unwitnessed fall by an elderly patient receiving narcotics.
0803-09 An adult with special needs had a seizure and suffered a head injury while waiting in an Emergency Department.
0803-08 Delayed diagnosis of facial cellulitis and abscess four days after insect bite.
0803-07 Delayed diagnosis of perforated viscus following hip replacement surgery.
0803-06 Development of skin ulcers that ultimately required limb amputation following Buck’s traction in a patient with peripheral vascular disease.
0803-05 Administration of atracurium in place of midazolam necessitates ventilatory support.
0803-04 A delay in diagnosis of malignancy as a result of ineffective information exchanges between an Emergency Department, a specialty clinic, and a family physician.
0803-03 Administration of atracurium in place of midazolam necessitatess ventilatory support.
0803-02 Transition between Emergency Medical Services, community hospital and tertiary centre Emergency Departments, following a 15-foot fall results in death from major injuries.
0803-01 Administration of atracurium in place of midazolam necessitates ventilatory support.

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