Research application guidelines

Effective October 2010

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) values and promotes quality research, and is committed to ensuring that research meets scientific, ethical, and legal standards.  Investigators are expected to comply with guidelines and regulations such as those outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement, Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans, the Province of Manitoba’s Personal Health Information Act, and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and to demonstrate scientific integrity. 

All research conducted within the WRHA must be approved by the relevant university Research Ethics Board.

Research requiring access to secondary data held by the WRHA also that is to be placed in a Data Repository (eg. MCHP) where it may be anonymously linked with other data and has the potential to be used repeatedly in future studies requires a WRHA data sharing agreement.  A Data Sharing Agreement is required between the WRHA, the recipient and their institution. A template with regards to this type of agreement is available by emailing Dr. Colleen Metge at (Note*) The use of Data Sharing or De-Identified material previously shared by data sharing agreements requires a separate REB, HIPC (Click here for information on applicable HIPC requirements) approval and a letter of authorization from the WRHA or delegated individual agreeing to the use of the data for a new purpose.

NOTE:  This information is being updated and is in draft format

In addition, all clinical and policy research performed in the WRHA and related facilities must receive permission from relevant sites or programs, and have a review for resource impact and compliance with confidentiality laws. Where research is done in a single facility that has a review committee the application can be addressed to that committee. Research done in facilities without such review committees or at corporate office or at community sites should be addressed to the WRHA Research Review Committee. Research that is assessed as minimal risk, and involves more than one site may request an expedited review. Requests for expedited review should be directed to:

Judy Dyrland
Coordinator, WRHA Research Access and Approval Committee
4th Floor – 753 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 0T6

Please note that applications to the WRHA Research Review Committee will be assessed on the following:

  • The impact on the WRHA, including any costs, explicit or in kind, of conducting the research. This includes staff time for participation. Applicants are expected to cover any costs incurred in conducting the research, unless the relevant program director has authorized that the program will absorb these costs.[2]
  • Compliance with WRHA confidentiality, and privacy requirements [3]

10.40.020 Confidentiality - Personal Health Information Policy

10.40.070 Collection Of Personal Health Information, The Restrictions Thereof and the Notice Requirement

10.40.090 Disposal Of Confidential Material, Including Personal Health Information

10.40.100 Protection Of Privacy During Use And Disclosure Of Personal Health Information

10.40.120 Security And Storage Of Personal Health Information

  • Acceptability of proposed process for recruiting and accessing clients and staff [4]
  • Support from relevant program director [2]
  • Congruence with WRHA mission and vision
  • Potential risk to patients/clients, staff or the organization.

Application Guidelines

Applications must be submitted using the WRHA Research Access Application Form (attached).  Seven copies of the application (including the Research Ethics Board submission, questionnaires and consent forms) are required. Completed applications should be sent to:

Research Review Committee
c/o Judy Dyrland
Coordinator, WRHA Research Access and Approval Committee
4th Floor – 753 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3E 0T6

In addition, a copy of the application form to the relevant University Research Ethics Board must be included.

Materials submitted for application must include, in the application form and/or the REB application form:

  • Title of the study
  • Purpose of the study and research questions/hypotheses
  • Background information and literature review which justifies the purpose of the study
  • Design of the study
  • Clear description of research methods, including subject selection (sampling, inclusion and exclusion criteria, recruitment), data collection (study variables, measures/instruments, procedures), data analysis, and time frame
  • Clear description of how human rights will be protected and confidentiality and other ethical issues addressed. E,g, the proposal must clearly indicate what personal and other health information will be collected, who will have access to this information, how consent will be obtained, and how research participants will be assured of anonymity, privacy and confidentiality
  • The significance and feasibility of the study
  • A copy of approvals from all Research Ethics Boards that have reviewed the study (must be submitted prior to final approval).
  • A copy of all instruments/measures, consent forms, advertising (appendix)
  • A detailed budget (appendix)

              Please make sure that the following issues are clearly spelled out:

    • If WRHA patients/clients or WRHA Professionals/Staff are to be interviewed, what kinds of data will be collected, who and how many will be contacted and how and by whom will they be recruited?
    • If the Research requires retrieval of existing Patient/Client Data (e.g. Medical Records, Health Care Databases, etc.), describe precisely what data is to be collected.  Indicate who owns the data and that you have obtained their permission and who is paying for the retrieval costs.  If HIPC approval is required, please show that the proposal has been submitted and  include how long and where each type of information will be stored and how it will be protected.    

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