Complex Spinal Surgery
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Complex Spinal Reconstruction

Trauma, tumor and congenital and degenerative disorders can result in unstable and weakened spinal columns or significant neurological defects. The treatment of these complex disorders often involved multiple vectors of surgical treatment in the utilization of complex spinal hardware.

All members of the group have extensive experience in the provision and conduct of such complex surgical endeavors. Anterior, anterior lateral, posterior, posterior lateral and multi-segmental instrumentation systems and surgical treatments are available.

No portion of the spine or cranial spinal access is outside of the range of potential surgical treatment. A complete array of post-operative surgical orthoses is also available.

Within the group, there is constant evaluation of new surgical treatments and constantly evolving spinal instrumentation systems. A full array of reconstructive materials is used in selected cases. The group has considerable experience in the use of recombinant cumin bone growth factors to augment complex spinal reconstructions. Autographed, allographed and titanium cage constructs are used as needed.

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