Complex Spinal Surgery
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Minimal Access Spinal Surgery

Recent advances in both instrumentation and microsurgical tools have permitted spinal surgeons to offer increasingly complex and sophisticated surgical treatments via exquisitely small incisions. This is given rise to a discipline of minimally invasive spinal surgery.

At evolving discipline, the section has developed significant expertise in the provision of spinal surgery, often through incisions literally the size of a keyhole.

In selected patients, cervical and lumbar spine pathology can be treated in a daycare environment with minimal incisional pain and maximal surgical benefit.

These techniques have allowed complete spinal fusions to be accomplished with minimal blood loss and very small amounts of incisional pain and ultra early ambulation. Continuing partnership with industry leaders and development of minimally invasive technology continues to flourish. Anticipated developments of this technology may well render blood transfusions in spinal surgery, a thing of the past. At present, minimally invasive surgical procedures required no blood transfusions and are offering the promise of near bloodless spinal surgery.

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