Pediatric Neurosurgery
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Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

Approximately 2% of children will develop epilepsy before adolescence. While most epilepsy can be controlled with medication, some children continue to have disabling seizures despite being on multiple medications. In properly selected patients, surgery can be used control and even eliminate seizures. Ideal candidates for epilepsy surgery have a localized focus of seizures, which can, in certain circumstances be surgically resected in order to control seizures.

Prospective candidates for epilepsy surgery are evaluated by the pediatric neurology service initially with a surface electroencephalogram (EEG) and if indicated, a stay in the epilepsy monitoring unit in order to localize the focus, or site of initiation of seizures. Selected patients may require invasive monitoring where EEG electrodes are placed directly on the surface of the brain during surgery. This assists in further localizing the focus of the epilepsy and determining if a child is a candidate for epilepsy surgery. In addition to pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons, potential candidates for surgery may be evaluated by a neuropsychologist or speech language pathologist.

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