Pediatric Neurosurgery
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Craniosynostosis occurs when the bones of the skull fuse prematurely in young children and results in an abnormally shaped skull. Depending on the severity of the condition, surgery can correct the deformity. In certain cases of craniosynostosis when more than one suture has fused, surgery is done to prevent raised pressure in the brain. Most cases, however, are done for cosmetic reasons. All children are evaluated by the craniofacial team, which consists of a pediatric neurosurgeon, a craniofacial plastic surgeon, and where indicated, an ophthalmologist and geneticist.

The most common reason for referral is positional plagiocephaly also known as benign positional moulding. Most cases of positional plagiocephaly are treated conservatively or with a specially made moulding helmet.

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