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Colin Kazina

BSc, MD, BSc(Med)

Colin graduated from medical school at the University of Manitoba in 2003, and was the valedictorian of his class.  He also completed a BSc(Med), studying traumatic head injury, under the supervision of Dr. Dwight Parkinson.

In addition to residency, Colin is pursuing a PhD in Biosystems Engineering, studying the biomechanical properties of the brain.  He is supervised by Dr. Marc Del Bigio, Professor of Pathology and Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neuropathology, and Dr. Stephan Cenkowski, Professor of Biosystems Engineering, in this endeavor. 

Colin has received numerous awards for his academic achievements.  In addition to academic neurosurgery and research, he has interests in philosophy, psychology, politics, and science.  His hobbies include fitness and travel.

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