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Cavernous Angioma

These blood vessel malformations of the brain may be present at birth. The condition rarely runs in the family. The caveromas are usually small, and made up of irregular blood vessel loops but without flowing blood like an AVM. Therefore they are not visible on an angiogram, and the term "angiographically occult vascular malformation" has been applied. Other terms used include "cavernoma", "hemangioma", and "cavernous malformation".

The natural history of these lesions is not fully understood, although quoted bleeding rates range from 0.6% per year without prior hemorrhage, to 5% with a single prior hemorrhage, and 32% per year with 2 or more prior hemorrhages. It has been recommended that GKS is an option for patients with 2 or more bleeds, although micro surgical resection may be performed for C.A. in acceptable brain locations.

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