Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
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Brain tumors that have spread from elsewhere in the body are called cerebral metastases. The results of treatment are unique for each type of cancer and each patient. People who develop cerebral metastases survive on average less than one year. However, many people enjoy longer survival, and treatment of the cerebral metastases is vital. Advances in controlling the primary site of cancer and its spread will likely improve survival, provided that the cerebral metastases can be effectively treated.

GKS is an effective treatment for cerebral metastases as shown in many clinics/studies. Radiosurgery was originally considered for cerebral metastases that demonstrated growth after conventional whole brain radiotherapy. GKS then became recognized as a preferable alternative to surgical resection of small and medium sized metastases. The role of radiosurgery has now evolved further, with some patients receiving GKS to the individual cerebral metastases without necessarily undergoing conventional whole brain radiotherapy. The single GKS radiosurgery procedure applies radiation to precisely focus tumors with minimal exposure to normal brain and allows for more effective dose. Various combinations of GKS and / or radiotherapy may now be routinely considered for all patients with cerebral metastases. Large tumors causing serious brain compression are considered for surgical resection.

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