Sleep Apnea

Appropriate cases to be referred:

When clinical history raises suspicion, and need for investigation and treatment for possible:

  1. Sleep Breathing Disorders (Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome, Cheyne Stokes Breathing, Hypoventilation Syndromes)

  2. Hypersomnia / Increased Daytime Sleepiness (Idiopathic, Post- traumatic, Narcolepsy, Other causes)

  3. Insomnia

  4. Leg Movement Disorder (Restless Legs Syndrome, Periodic Leg Movement Disorder)

  5. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (Jet Lag Syndrome, Shift Work Sleep Disorder, Advanced and Delayed Sleep- Phase Syndrome, Irregular Sleep Wake pattern, Non -24 Hour Sleep - Wake Syndrome)

  6. Extrinsic Sleep Disorders (Inadequate Sleep Hygiene, Enviromental Sleep Disorder, Nocturnal Eating Syndrome, Hypnotic -, Stimulant-, Alcohol - Dependent Sleep Disorder, Food- Allergy Insomnia, and others)

  7. Parasomnias

    7.1 Arousal Disorders (Confusional Arousals, Sleepwalking, Sleep Terrors)

    7.2 Sleep- Wake Transition Disorders (sleep Starts, Sleep Talking, Nocturnal Leg Cramps, Rhythmic Movement Disorder

    7.3 Parasomnias usually associated with REM sleep (Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, Impaired or Painful Sleep- Related Penile Erections, REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, REM Sleep -Related Sinus Arrest

    7.4 Other Parasomnias (Sleep Enuresis, Sleep Bruxism, Sleep- Related Abnormal Swallowing Syndrome, Nocturnal Paroxysmal Dystonia and others

  8. Sleep Disorders Associated with Mental, Neurologic or Other Medical Disorders (for example: Nocturnal cardiac Ischemia, COPD, Sleep- related Asthma or GERD, Fibromyalgia, Cerebral Degenerative Disorders, Parkinson's Disease, Anxiety/ Mood/ Panic disorders, Alcoholism, etc)

What cases should not be referred:

No specific contraindications, although sleep -related problems that a clear and predominant medical reason is identified as possibly responsible (for example anemia or hypothyroidism for hypersomnolence/ fatigue) and treatment for these medical conditions starts, should be referred to a sleep clinic, if the sleep problem(s) do not resolve with the above medical treatment

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Information on Sleep Apnea from the Canadian Lung Association

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Sleep Apnea

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