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Family Doctor

If you are generally healthy, and only see your family doctor once or twice a year, it is easy to overlook your family doctor as an option for those occasions when you are sick.

Many doctors keep a few time slots open to accommodate same-day appointments. It would be good to check in advance whether your doctor does this.

Unless you require emergency care, seeing your family doctor is almost always the right care. Your family doctor holds your complete medical records; has an established understanding of your health; can order tests like a CT scan and an MRI to diagnose illness; can refer you to the specialists you need; and can follow up as needed.

While most family doctors in Winnipeg work out of their own offices, some family doctors practise at the city's Access Centres. These centres offer a wide range of health and social services.

Whether practising independently or at an Access Centre, your family doctor is your gateway to the entire health system.

If you don't have a family doctor and would like one, call the Family Doctor Finder at 204-786-7111.

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