Health Equity Promotion

Health equity means that all people can reach their full health potential and should not be disadvantaged from attaining it because of socially determined circumstances.  These circumstances include social and economic status, social class, racism, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and others.  We promote health equity in the WRHA and in partnership with many others. 

WRHA's Health Equity Position Statement

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Major Initiatives

  • Population and Public Health hosts the regional Health for All effort. Health for All is a multilayered effort to weave health equity thinking and action into the fabric of all decision-making and service provision in the WRHA.
  • Health equity promotion is embedded in our Population and Public Health services and is being enhanced. PPH and Community Areas are developing a health equity action plan. 




  • Health for All - Public Health
  • Health for All Coordinating Committee
    • Health for All Partnership Working Group
    • Health for All Learning and Engagement Working Group
    • Health for All Knowledge Working Group
    • Health for All Economic Inclusion