Health Communication

Public Health Communication is the strategic and timely art, science and technique of informing, influencing, motivating and engaging individual, institutional, and public audiences about important health issues. The scope of health communication includes disease prevention, health protection and promotion, health care policy, emergency response and the business of health care as well as enhancement of the quality of life and health of individuals within the community.

The Population & Public Health Program is developing and implementing a communication plan to improve availability of information to support staff to do their work, improve availability of health promotion information on the Internet and to expand the use of electronic communication (e.g., social media).

An interdisciplinary public health communications team is being recruited with an immediate focus on health communication using social media.  The initial priority will be individuals and families who are expecting or have infants and young children.


Population Health Initiatives Leader, TBD
Craig Ross, Program Specialist, 

Major initiatives:

  • Proactive media strategy
  • Public alerts infrastructure
  • Strategy for communicating via social media
  • Internet/web portal for public health status and health reports
  • Population & Public Health branding 

Plan details

Communications Strategic Plan Logic Model - (January 2015) For new strategies only (does not reflect current/ongoing PPH communication activities)

Social Media Logic Model - (January 2015)


Public Health Communication - One-page summary

Reports, Articles, Resources, and Planning Tools - Curated by PPH programs

Operational Guideline - Social Marketing for Health Communication (August 2015)

Steering Group Terms of Reference - Communications Steering Group


Health Communication Monitoring Report - 2015