Continuing Education Fund Application Forms

The Continuing Education Fund was established in 2000 by Manitoba Health Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund (NRRF) to support ongoing education for Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Graduate Nurses, Nurse Practitioner (Registered Nurse Extended Practice) and Licensed Practical Nurses who are employed by the Region and provide direct patient care. Nurse Educators and front-line managers, who supervise nurses, are also eligible to apply.

Nurses can apply for up to $500 in a calendar year towards workshop/conference fees, hotel/transportation costs for out of town conferences and university/online course tuition. In addition, they can also apply for up to two days salary if they are scheduled to work on the date(s) of workshops and/or conferences and request an unpaid leave of absence.

Long term courses such as university courses or any other course offered over a number of weeks are not eligible for the salary funding. Under the guidelines from NRRF, education that is mandatory is not eligible for funding and is the responsibility of the employer.

With an increase in nurses applying for funding each year, it has become necessary to review what expenses are eligible for funding. At the Continuing Education Committee Meeting on April 13, 2015 a decision was made that the following will not be eligible for funding: books, DVDs, and parking.

Funding for education was established in 2000 by the Manitoba Health Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund. Questions? Please call 204-334-3433 or email

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Applications for Individual Funding

Section One: Registration and Expenses

Section Two: Education Subsidy

Frequently Asked Questions

New Subsidy rates as of October, 2015:

  • RN/RPN: 8 hour shift $275; 12 hour shift $400
  • LPN: 8 hour shift $185; 12 hour shift $275