Designated Bilingual Facilities, Programs, Services and Agencies

  • Hôpital St-Boniface Hospital (funded site)
  • Actionmarguerite (funded site)
  • Centre Youville Centre (funded site)
  • St. Amant (funded site)
  • Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre (funded site)
  • Sara Riel Inc. (funded site)

WRHA Corporate – Board of Directors and corporate (non-clinical) services

  • e.g. Public Affairs, Quality, Finance, Human Resources

 WRHA Regional or Single Site Services

  • Children’s Hospital
  • Long Term Care Access Centre
  • Breast Health Centre
  • Birth Centre
  • Crisis Response Centre
  • Buhler Eye Care Centre
  • Health Links - Info Santé

Primary Care

  • Quick Care Clinic – Southdale
  • Quick Care Clinic – St. Vital

Public Health

  • Community Offices (St. Boniface, St. Vital, Fort Garry, St. James Assiniboia, Downtown East)
  • Travel Health and Tropical Medicine Services
  • Healthy Sexuality and Harm Reduction
  • Street Connections
  • Tuberculosis Prevention and Management

Home Care

  • Community Offices (St.Boniface/St.Vital, Fort Garry)
  • Palliative Care Program
  • After Hours Service
  • Hospital based home care

Community Mental Health

  • Community Office (St. Boniface/St. Vital)

Designated Francophone Facilities

  • Actionmarguerite (Taché = bilingual; Valade = francophone)
  • Centre de santé Saint-Boniface Health Centre

The WRHA FLS Policies do not currently apply at the following sites:


Health Sciences Centre

Misericordia Health Centre

Deer Lodge Centre

Riverview Health Centre

Grace General Hospital

Concordia Hospital

Seven Oaks General Hospital

Victoria General Hospital

Personal Care Homes (exception: ActionMarguerite)

Community Offices (exception: St. Boniface, St. Vital, Fort Garry, St. James Assiniboia, Downtown East)

Community Agencies and WRHA Primary Care Sites

(exception: Youville Centre, Birth Centre, Quick Care Clinic, Centre de santé)

Community Mental Health Agencies

(exception: Sara Riel Inc.)