Each year in Winnipeg, one in three adults over 65 years of age will experience a fall and 1800 will be hospitalized and 91 will die. Older adults who fall once are more than twice as likely to fall again as people who have never fallen. Almost all hip fractures in older adults are caused by a fall (95%). Of these older adults who fracture their hip from falling, over one third will die within a year. Many others will never be able to return to an independent lifestyle, with over one third of those having been hospitalized for a fall being discharged to a nursing home or long term care facility.

There are a number of personal and non-modifiable factors have been shown to increase an individual’s risk of falls.


These include:



Other falls risk factors can be modified of managed. These include decreased balance and strength, impaired mobility, chronic health conditions, cognitive impairment, medication use and impaired vision.


Prevention of falls for people living in the community


Research suggests that falls in the community can be reduced by the following interventions:


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