French Language Services

FLS Key Definitions

Active Offer

An offer of services in French which reflects measures taken to ensure that services in French are evident, readily available, easily accessible (whether provided by oral, written or electronic methods) and of comparable quality to those offered in English. 

Bilingual format

The English and French texts are printed side-by-side or one after another.  Bilingual formatting includes the following:

  • Parallel, dual-column
  • Consecutive, line/section (e.g. line/section in English followed by line/section in French)
  • Back-to-front (e.g. English on one side of page and French on the reverse);
  • Head-to-tail (e.g. each version is upside down in relation to the other).

Bilingualism required

The requirement to be able to communicate in both official languages qualifying as a bona fide occupational requirement for a Designated Bilingual Position.

Comparable service

The provision of a service in French equivalent in quality, availability and accessibility to that offered in English.

Designated administrative body

An entity or organization to which the Government of Manitoba’s FLS Policy applies and which is, therefore, required to actively offer its services in French.

Designated bilingual facilities, programs, services and agencies (F/P/S/A)

WRHA facilities, programs, services and agencies, including WRHA Corporate Office (Board of Directors and corporate (non-clinical) services such as Quality, Finance, Human Resources, Communications), that are required to actively offer services in both French and English, pursuant to the Government of Manitoba French Language Services Policy.

Designated bilingual position (DBP)

A position that is to be filled by an individual who speaks both official languages and who is able to adequately deliver comparable service in both official languages, in accordance with the requirements of the Manitoba FLS Policy, the Active Offer concept and the WRHA French Language Services Plan.

Designated bilingual facilities, programs, services and agencies

WRHA facilities, programs, services and agencies that are required, pursuant to the Manitoba FLS Policy, to actively offer services in French, and whose working language is French.

French Language Services (FLS)

The set of written, verbal, audio-visual and electronic communications in the French language by which a designated administrative body provides information or assistance to the members of the Francophone community in Manitoba, and which are comparable to its English language communications.

Linguistic duality

Access to health services in one’s own language “means far more than simply respect for that person’s culture:  it is, at times, indispensable for improving health and for people’s taking ownership of their own health.”  In Canada, linguistic duality is one of the fundamental dimensions of history.  As a multicultural society, Canada’s two official languages, English and French, have retained their special status as languages used in the public domain. 

(Source:  Consultative Committee for French-Speaking Minority Communities.  Report to the Federal Minister of Health, 2001.)

Linguistic profile

Description of linguistic skills required in each official language.  This includes a proficiency level for speaking (oral expression), comprehension (listening skills), reading and writing, as applicable for a Designated Bilingual Position.

Regional Materials

All education or information materials (written, audio visual or electronic) on which the WRHA logo appears or where a WRHA tqgline (audio) is used.

Service delivery points

Locations where RHA services are provided, including but not limited to RHA facilities, community service offices or the client’s home or workplace.

WRHA French Language Services Plan

An outline of the practical ways and means by which Designated Bilingual or Francophone Facilities, Programs, Services and Agencies can actively offer and effectively provide services in French through designated service and by bilingual and French language information materials in the Winnipeg Health Region.  The Plan will consist of a 5-year strategic plan and an annual business plan.

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